Back 2 Basics Training is the largest Personal Training Studio in Whitter, CA. Come visit us at our new location. We offer a variety of high octane fitness classes in Whittier. Our Personal Trainers will get you in shape in the least amount of time. We are The Physical Transformation Specialist. Combine your training program with one of our Guaranteed Nutrition Programs. Shed the pounds without the rebound. See why this is the preferred family training center in Whittier.
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About Us

Welcome to our site.




Monday-Friday: 6am - 9pm by appointment. Saturday: 8:00am - 12pm by appointment. Sunday: By appointment.



6738 Friends Ave, Whittier Ca 90601.

We are located above Acro Printing

in the Haendiges Plumbing building

in Uptown Whittier next to

California Grill.



Here is a summary of our classes and services,


  • Mat Pilates.

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  • spinning-bike.jpg

  • Spin Classes.


  • Cardio Step Classes.


  • Boot-Camp Workouts!


  • Cross Training Classes.



  • Zumba! classes are Mon at 6pm, Tue/Thur/ at 8pm, Saturdays at 10am.


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  • cardio.jpg

  • Cardio Kickboxing classes, Fridays @ 7:00pm & Saturdays @ 9:30am

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    That explained why Megan felt old next to the two sisters. I couldn t help but notice that you approach everything in life as if it s a chore.
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    Ballet for ages 3 and up.


    •  Tuesdays at 4:30 and 7:00pm for thirty minutes.

    Cost is only $5.00 per class.

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    • 1/2hr Personal Training.


    • 1hr Personal Training.


    • Belly Dancing classes available Wednesdays at 8pm and Saturdays at 8am.

    Parents! Join your child in our Dance Fitness Classes for only $8.00

    We offer Zumba, Mondays at 6:00pm & Saturdays at 10:00am

    And Belly-Dancing, Wednesdays at 8:00pm & Saturdays at 8:00am

    By appointment only. Please call in advance. (562) 945-5636.

      Guaranteed Fat Loss & Nutritional Cleansing Programs

    Visit: for more info.


     Reasons to choose us,

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    • How can I have a good time with someone who can t carry on a decent conversation?
    • The nurses lay on the floor, their bodies kinked and twisted at obscene angles. When she stopped trying to open the door, he gently pushed her to her seat.

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      No membership or sign up fees,

    • Free consultations,

    • No contracts!

    • Small groups only,
    • Classes for Parents & Children,
    • More than forty classes per week,

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      Your life was taken too quickly for you to understand. When someone leaned over the deck and vomited, disgust radiated off her and with it, memories of her childhood surfaced in her mind and he caught them.
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      Month to Month,

    • Male and Female trainers,

    • Serving Whittier for more than nine years,

    • The best promotions and prices,
    • Discounts for all Military, Police, Fire and Students of all ages.
    • Over fifteen years combined experience.

    • Call Now! (562) 945-5636

    Try any of our classes with absolutely no obligation or charge.


    Here are some of our success stories.

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    Cynthia Gravdahl. Client and friend. read her own words here.

    Transformed by Personal Trainer Eric Bravo.

    Cynthia at 420 pounds
    Cynthia, after losing over 200 pounds!

    Client Genny Richardson after her 16 week Transformation.

    Transformed by Personal Trainer Eric Bravo.

    We strive to make fitness a part of our clients lives. Trainers take part in all events including triathlons. Come join us as we help raise money to battle many of the diseases and illnesses that effect our loved ones and community. Here are some pictures from past events.



    Fitness is truly part of my families life. Take a look at some of our pictures taken in Kauai, Maui and other great fun places.





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  • Hey, she started, placing her hand on his arm, maybe we were supposed to be going west toward Fargo, instead of east. He looked over at one of the mirrors in the room and saw that Cindy was fiddling with her hair.
  • It is sticky and sweaty and disheveling, but it is over soon enough. She then remembered why he was here and looked up at him, What do you mean shopping?
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     Our desire is to help our community overcome obesity one family at a time.


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